Secon day

Day 2

The sound of crow screaming woke me up at 5.00 sharp. exactly 2 minutes before my alarm was scheduled. When it finally went off I hit the snoozer and the crow instantly screamed again.”ok ok I am up “

Crawled out of my sleeping bag and made my morning 6 spoon espresso in percolator for 4.

It usually wakes me up .

For years i have strict policy of no multitasking while drinking coffee it is sacred time for me get up early and have 40 min cafe siesta .I sat on the harbour wall and enjoyed the quiet morning. I have finally had some proper sleep. the previous 2 days I slept about 6 hours of which 4 on the ferry so for most of the first day paddle i was thinking mainly about my sleeping bag.

This area has really strong currents so i decided to play it with the tides and set of about mid day so i would pas Wicklow head in the last two hours of tide and then have the flow with me for the rest of the day.

After scrambled egg with bacon and more coffee there was time to set off .

Wicklow head has amazing bird colonies and many caves really special spot .

I eddy hoped without much of a problem and then it was matter of railing the coastline further south.

Absolutely superb conditions for paddling, apart of enjoying the scenery i would also play with my gps watch. I have it set up the way that it shows speed, average speed and distance. The rest of navigation I do old-school way on an os map kayak compass and protractor i think that is the best combination and it is although entertaining to have something to do while paddling counting distances and doing calculations in mind .lining the futures of a map and the surrounding, one has something todo not just dull looking on a bearing.

Highlight of the day was to see 2 gentleman  fulmars fighting over a lady fulmar literally 2 meters from my kayak as if i was not there.

Although i heard someone singing on a beach in fog which was beaten up 5 min later by a practicing jazzman on a trumpet .

That got me into great rithm for next 2 hours when i was jamming with myself.

The day ended in force 3 headwind and half meter chop that is where the quantum comes to its element and the plumb bow just cuts through the waves as knife through butter maintaining pretty much the same speed as on flat .In the evening i did not feel hungry so i just downed tin of mackerel drunk all the oil from the tin too and eat bit of bread then to the pub for a quick beer and of to bed.


  1. Looking forward to following this blog on your trip. 👍


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