Fighting the demons

There is actually three of us on this trip: Me, Myself, and I.

ME……. is the EGO. Arrogant prick who knows best and can do anything and he is the one who gets me into trouble anytime when I listen to him. Basically one of the main reasons of all my trips is to get rid of this little bastard.

On the other side is MYSELF…...the lazy pussy who is scared of anything and do not want to be challenged in any way.

And    I….. is the real Petr the one who is like between two grinding stones and tries to make the right decision in the right moment anonymously of listening to those little  two sitting on my shoulders.

I hate sitting out weather especially when there is a difficult section in front of me as was crossing of Dingle fjord.

The way I do assessment for a section of coast I am going to paddle is that prior to forecast I imagine the worst case scenario of conditions, make contingency plan, exits and then I either give it green or red light.

That is the moment when those two buggers are the noi…

The day the coast broken me

The forecast for the day was force 4 gusting 5 northerly.

Here we go the winds are here, I looked at the map and saw simple route -  it is gonna be 20 km of railing the coastline then lunch at Dursey Island after that if conditions allow hop 17 km across Kenmare river (fjord) to Deenish Islands and then we will see.

Normally I would go in as straight line as possible just cutting across bays and make the shortest route but after 10 days of pretty no wind I did not fancy the feeling of being blown into the Atlantic at all.

I find that when I spend while in an area I get the feel for the weather pattern but so far there was no weather pattern it was just bloody Bahamas all the time so I played it safe and hug the coast.

When I got to White Ball Head I had to do turn to the north and go into the wind for a km.

It was definitely more to the upper part of force five scale but I noticed that the wind might be accelerating from the valley in front of me. I was hoping on the other side of Dursey i…

Just for fun

I created little dictionary about speeds and paddling technigues.

The speed chart.

Slog………..any speed below 7 km/h - usually style of a gazing tourist avoided at all cost by performance paddler.

Mach1 ……...standard cruising speed between 7 and 8 km/h - recomended to maintain at all cost.

Mach2 ……...higher cruising speed between 8 and 9 km/h - the macho speed I think I am going to maintain all the time however the gps watch has different opinion it reminds me that I belong to mach1 category.

Mach3……...10 to 13 km possible only with assistance of wind and waves. It is the grin factor speed.

Supersonic …..anything above 13 km/h -  it is the OH YESSSS I do not care which direction I am going speed. Unfortunate side effect of experiencing supersonic is that everything else becames slog for period of time.

Paddling styles

Benny Hill……... .position where I have stretched feet and rest my back on the rear cockpit rim with my buttocks having minimal contact with the seat - extremely inefficient but eq…

The seal of Mizen head

After day of rest in Baltimore I had an objective to pass Mizen Head and do open crossing to Dursey Island. 30 km of open water plus 17 km jump from Calf Islands to Browhead is not to be taken lightly. 47 exposed km of 65 but I had rested for it and i was ready for it too so 7.30pm I set off for 12  hours on the water with favourable forecast. As I was going through islands in Roaring Bay i saw two sleeping seals in the water just their noses bobbing up and down.

At the moment I remembered all the injustice those fluffy bullies did to me. At least 6734times they sneaked on me from behind  and splashed so loudly that i soiled my pants.

The dark side got the better of me,  I pointed my finger at the monster and said “u are gonna pay for all your cousins did to me u little fluffy bastard I am gonna tickle you on your whiskers”.

My brain went into hunters override and I started to sneak in to my position for payback.

What I did not know was that the little villain knew I do not know that he k…

Deep thoughts of a lonely paddler

It is day eight and so far i covered cca 400 km which was great fun and lots of hard work but i love every moment of it perhaps exluding the sore arse moments but Benny Hill style actually sorted that. I am really enjoing the scenery even if farther of shore than I would like to be. But that is a curse of a circumnavigator, the objective is different than going for a weekend explore paddle. I am passing caves and arches and think hell i would like to explore that but it is not gonna be now. I am sure of one thing I am gonna come back with my amazing woman and few friends and we are gonna poke to every cave and cove and explore really small coastline very intimately.

I said to Barbora that  am gonna do this as a scouting trip for our holiday 😎

Anyway as I am alone on the sea I got plenty of time to think and I can see the transition of my thinking I am coming back to the caveman mode and enjoy the simple things in life. The last 4 days were just about paddling and there is not much to …

The sea safary

After night under a clear ski I did think again  about church town (the holiday town) and said to myself they really have nice toilets.The plan for the day was to cross from carnsore point to Hook head an open crossing of 39 km With Saltee island in the middle .Is started earliish in the morning and set of into flooding current snailing my way forward in sluggish 5 km.h (anything below 7 km.h i decided to call snail pace)As I was rounding Carnsore point i started feel the swell coming from the south which was mixing into opposing current flowing out of the bay completelyWindles weather created amazing clean waves and really great rides it distracted me for a while and i had to slap myself and remind  me that i am here on business and not for play so i carried on and snailed my way forward.
The temperature vas baking 22 degrees but it felt way more. 2 hours into the crossing i pulled my secret weapon. A golf umbrella and made snack break in lovely shade of my weather deflecting device…

A day of greenhorn paddler

It all started day before. Total failure of colossal proportions.I COULD NOT BE BOTHERED TO COOK DINER.!!!!In the morning i felt great ,made breakfast posted lovely pics of my cooking skills and fafed about a bit (actually bit more) and then i set as usual first hour i just moved about and try to get into rhythm.Which I did not. My leg was killing me and the waves where too choppy the wind was to windy and basically I felt sorry for myself big time. At the moment i realised what has happened (not the first time)I had no dinner which disturbed the body routine blal bla bla etc.I eat breakfast and set off exactly 3 hours after eating and paddled for an hour and then run out of fuel literally .Through the previous expeditions i figured out that i can go for four hours on one fuel tank but the catch is I have to eat just before i go on the water. That is where the thermos flask comes in . Usually I eat next to the kayak in my soggy kit and then i set of.Anyway as i realised t…